Hidden Lands of Nod

A cycle of genre-crossing fantasy novels by Robert Stikmanz, The Hidden Lands of Nod plunges into exploration of the manifold, multiform nature of reality. Through the devices of two fictional species, the Dvarsh and Thrm, and the humans with whom they interact, the constituent fictions range across universes, through alternate realities and into the cobwebby recesses of self.


Meg Christmas is sick unto death in a remote mountain camp. Beings out of legend arrive to save her, emerging from an alternate realm where they live in exile. Before the tale is told, it is Meg who must rise to save another. A quiet, intimate adventure, Prelude to a Change of Mind boasts dire peril and brave feats, but also lots of tea with Ekaterina Rigidstick, poems by Jack Plenty, and talks with both about the nature of reality and conditions of being.

ISBN: 9780982742600
Release: May 2010


Peril and possibility are equally afoot as Meg Christmas seeks to resolve lingering issues from her season on the mountain. In the years since Meg emerged as the first person of any species to evince transconsensual abilities, Dvarsh adepts have identified four other transcers. Like Meg, these individuals have the ability to verge between different consensual realities. All are human, and all are woman. A Dvarsh plan to gather all five for a colloquium has unforeseen consequences. This fast-moving follow-on to Prelude to a Change of Mind picks up and enlarges the tale of Meg, the Dvarsh, the Thrm, and their collective struggle to save both love and the planet. Shifting between the command sphere of Rataxes, the exile realm of the Dvarsh, and corners of our shared Earth, this delightful book ranges across a reality as vast as the imagination.

Release: June 2010


Third in The Hidden Lands of Nod series, Sleeper Awakes is the mother book from which the entire world of Habdvarsha and its parallels derive. The story of a traveler, Boyd, made homeless by monstrous catastrophe, and hunted for the very fact of his survival, Sleeper Awakes is part bildungsroman, part finger-snapping beat fantasy, part green anarcho-social surrealist manifesto, part comic peroration, part Taoist meditation on the nature of being, part—you get the picture.

Boyd, the traveler, is not stupid, but he sets out as a blockhead, a blockhead not unlike the present author or—be harsh and honest—the reader’s own self. Or, more likely, the reader’s significant other. Faced with grave peril but aided by curious beings both puissant and comical, Boyd strives across landscapes mundane and remarkable to find true love, save his skin and become somehow less of a blockhead. Upon these premises hang the tale.

Release: August 2011