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Blue Moose’s premiere authors, Christine and Ethan Rose, won the Indie Excellence Award for YA Fiction in 2009 for their first bookRowan of the Wood. The second book of the series, Witch on the Water; the third, Fire of the Fey; and the fourth book Power of the Zephyr are also available. They are currently working on the fifth & final book Spirit of the Otherworld, which is set for release in 2013.

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Ethan Rose will publish his first solo novel, a YA Steampunk tale, set for release in 2013.

He also passes the time by writing hilarious blog posts and some fun flash fiction, both can be found on his blog below.

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Christine Rose published her first solo work, a nonfiction book to help emerging authors navigate the shark-infested waters of publishing. Publishing Realities for the Emerging Author. More information, as well as podcasts and essays, can be found on her blog.

Additionally, Christine offers social media and publishing consulting services for emerging authors. Details as well as some free stories can be found on her blog below.

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O.M. Grey is best known for a novel called Avalon Revisited, a Steampunk paranormal romance set in Victorian England. It was on the Amazon TOP 40 for Gothic Romance for over four months and is proving to be quite popular with the readers. She has also written The Zombies of Mesmer and the eclectic collection Caught in the Cogs.

Additionally, she has several short stories, poems, and articles published throughout cyberspace and in several anthologies. Find out more about her work, as well as podcasts on the darker side of love and serialized fiction, on her blog, linked below.

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Robert Stikmanz began publishing poems and occasional illustrations in the late seventies. Moving to Austin in 1979 he became an active presence in independent Texas letters, contributing poems, short essays, illustrations, design and production assistance to numerous small press publications, including the Sleepy Tree anthologies, Window Magazine, The Argonaut, Aileron, Ví­Atzlan, Lone Star Socialist, SA, Austin Duckweed and Vowel Movement.

He now writes the Hidden Lands of Nod series, complete with its own oracle and language.

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Paul E. Cooley is a writer of horror, supernatural, and, well, other types of fiction. Most of his stories are rather difficult to classify. Shadowpublications.com presents stories every month (when possible) with rants and ramblings at least once a week. The non-fiction “rants” consist of discussions regarding writing fiction, developing software, as well as filleting the banality of every day life.

Fiends, Vol. 1 is his first novel.

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