Internationally Speaking

Voices from around the world address America and its foreign policy.

Political Documentary, 99min IMDB

The United States of America is the world’s only current Super Power. Some say we’re benevolent. However, with growing Anti-Americanism around the world, we must ask ourselves: ‘Are we really a Benevolent Empire?’

Citizens of the US live in a media bubble. Unless one actively seeks out foreign and/or alternative news, we have no idea what is happening in the rest of the world. We don’t know how the world population views us or our government – all we get is the vague “They hate our freedoms” from President Bush. Is it our freedoms that they hate or our foreign policy?

Renowned historian Noam Chomsky speaks on the International Criminal Court and America’s place in the world community. Together with individuals around the world, they voice their opinions on the international stage for the first time in a documentary of this scope. The voiceless will finally be heard.

People are people. US Citizens empathize with the worldwide community when they see them as individual people, rather than cultural stereotypes. They all love their families. They all want to be safe. They all want to be happy. Then shop for food; they tend their gardens; they eat and they sleep.

Listen to voices from the world – real people – tell America what they really think.

Further Information about the film:
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