Vampires Descend on KC RenFest

Witch on the WaterBeginning this weekend (Oct 3/4), a sadistic vampire named Fiana will face patrons at the KC RenFest, and this twisted, evil vampire doesn’t sparkle in the sunlight.

Her fangs are real.

Christine and Ethan Rose, the misguided authors who created this monster, have a booth at KCRF this year called “Rowan of the Wood,” named after their first award-winning book, where they will be signing both novels. The sequel, “Witch on the Water” will be released on October 12th to the rest of the world, but it will be available exclusively at the KC Renaissance Festival from Oct 3-11.

Fortunately for the patrons of the KCRF, the authors do have hand-made Vampire Slayer Kits available at their booth along with other book-related goodies like Magic Wands and Green Man art, all created by the authors with recycled and/or repurposed materials.

“Witch on the Water” lets readers dive deeper into the story of Fiana, a woman so broken by the loss of her lover that she loses all humanity and becomes something almost unrecognizable. The book mixes traditional and nontraditional magic, and features an undead antagonist who combines the violence and rich history of traditional vampire lore with new, fresh characterization.

The novel, second in their “Rowan of the Wood” series, is fresh and full of strong detail that draws readers into a world full of robust legend and magic. The authors have managed to keep the spirit of Celtic mythology and vampire legend alive in a lush new world.

“Rowan of the Wood” was awarded the 2009 Indie Excellence Award for YA Fiction and had the honor of being named an Award-Winning Finalist in the 2008 National Best Books competition. Christine and Ethan Rose continue to be excited by the positive reviews and feedback received for “Rowan of the Wood” and are now anticipating the October 12th, 2009 release of Book 2: “Witch on the Water.”

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